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What customers are saying about OrbLight Wireless LED Lights

Extremely Useful!
Stacey L. Verified Review
OrbLight has been a huge help in my home. I live in an older home that would be costly to rewire for additional lighting, so I use OrbLight instead to light up the darker corners of the house.
Perfect brightness!
Jon A. Verified Review
I was a little skeptical that these lights would either be too bright or too dim, but in fact they are designed to brighten up a space without being blinding. I bought more after I liked the first one.
Amazing Battery Life
James S. Verified Review
Battery life is so important when it comes to portable electronics. I was shocked to read that OrbLight has a battery life of one month, and even more shocked when I realized it had been 5 weeks since I last charged mine. Truly amazing battery life.
Convenient indoor lighting solution
Steve G. Verified Review
One under the sink, two in the crawl space, and one in the hall closet. With one purchase I solved my home's lighting problem. OrbLight is a godsend.
One of my favorite products!
Miriam G. Verified Review
I have these in several areas of my property. They've always been amazing, reliable lights. Just talked one my friends in to getting some as well.
Will buy again!
Elisabeth E. Verified Review
Better lights than expected. The walkway next to my house has always been very dark. I had my husband install these after nearly tripping a few times. Problem solved! Now it's always easy to see. I'm already thinking of some other areas where I could install them. Great lights!
Frequently asked questions

Yes, the OrbLight comes with an adhesive tap allowing it to be placed in any area.

Yes, OrbLight can get wet and does not need to be taken down during a rainstorm. That said, OrbLight is NOT an underwater light nor should it be used underwater for any reason.

At full charge, the flood lights will stay on for around 7 hours.

OrbLight can be mounted to wood surfaces by threading screws into the holes on the top of the light. For other surfaces, OrbLight can be mounted with strong double adhesive tape.

Each box of OrbLight contains two lights.

No, the light has a manual on/off button in addition to the motion sensor.

Because they are LED lights, we do not recommend trying to replace it on your own. In the unlikely event a light goes out, please contact us.

We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason within 30 days, simply contact our customer care center for a full refund of your initial order.

Our team of professionals are located in the United States.

Your OrbLight will arrive within 2-3 days.

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Verfified Purchase

Good product!

Small but powerful. I have ten lights placed on the fence in my back yard and I get full light coverage when I need it.

Arthur G

Verified Purchase

The Motion Sensor is Great!

The motion sensor works well and is really reliable. Whenever I take out the trash the light comes on, then automatically turns off.

Kyle Jones

Verified Purchase